Here at SSWF each manufacturing activity is handled by our highly skilled craftsmen who expeditiously move the project from the design and prototype phase through full production. These manufacturing capabilities are supported by a full array of value added services; all designed to enhance SSWF's ability to satisfy our customer needs. 


Wire Forms

Wire Diameter from 0.020 - 0.50 Inches
Sunroof Wind Deflectors

Zig Zag Wires

Wire Diameter from 0.020 - 0.50 Inches

We manufacture various types of Zig Zag Wires,

flat or with multiple bends as the customer print states.


Material Thickness: 0.010 – 0.078 inches.

Width: 0.125 – 2.500 inches

Clamp Assembly


Our springs have a material thickness from 0.020 to  0.500 inches.

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